Hi, I’m Karis

My job as a Pet Custody Specialist and Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant is to help you with your animals before, during and after divorce.

I work with divorcing couples who love their pets.​

As a certified dog behaviour consultant and divorce mediator I help my clients navigate confusing and often emotional decisions about what should happen with their dogs, cats or other pets. Each animal and couple is unique and needs understanding to correctly answer questions like:

Which home will be the best for this dog to live in?

Will the dog be happy or unsettled with shared custody?

Are visitations good for this dog, or will that be stressful?

Should the pets stay with the children, regardless?

Will our dogs be ok to split up or is it best to keep them together?

My aim is to bring clarity and peace of mind about whatever arrangement is reached. 

After a divorce, if you are noticing signs of stress or unwanted behavioural changes in your dog, I am available for behavioral consultations during the transitional time surrounding changes in living circumstances for your animals. Dogs show stress in many different ways, having outside support can be hugely helpful to reduce the strain or anxiety your dog may be dealing with. 

I collaborate with mediators, coaches and lawyers.

As a pet custody specialist, I collaborate worldwide with a wide range of divorce professionals. My background in both animal behavior and mediation allows me to help divorcing couples to come to an informed decision about their pet’s custody which provides the best outcome for the animals involved.

In addition to working directly with clients, I provide regular webinars and education for mediators, coaches and lawyers on matters surrounding divorce and pets. For more information click here


  • What does the law say about pets? 
  • What happens if my ex and I cannot agree about our dog’s custody? 
  • Do you need to meet my dog in person? 

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